Hyde Park – Stretch Mirror Installation

Barrisol Mirror

Hanging from the ceiling, Barrisol Mirror® canvass produces an interplay of reflections providing sharp or subtle touches of light and modernity in interior decoration.

Barrisol Mirror Stretch Mirror

June 2013 – The new Barrisol Mirror® range is an exclusive application of Barrisol® research and development, putting a final touch to the realm of products and finishes created by the world’s leader in stretched canvass. Boasting remarkable reflecting potential, this innovation is most surprising by the way in which it combines the reflective power of a mirror, the handling ability of canvass, and easy fitting. Designed to change a setting without changing the space, Barrisol Mirror® canvass will enhance and define spaces, multiplying small areas and providing designer chic to rooms where it is applied.

Gold or Silver Stretch Mirror

Both the Gold and Silver versions of Barrisol Mirror® canvass are sure to provide any space with unique character.

The silver Barrisol Mirror® canvass merges into the background just like a mirror made of glass. Decidedly modern, the silver canvass’ dazzling radiance is striking. This innovative material will enlarge any space, infusing the décor with subtle, contemporary touches.

For its part, the golden finish evokes the bronze mirrors of Ancient Egypt and sophisticated neo-classical decorations. It will bring warmth to any space, providing it with depth and brightness. The golden touch is about refinement, blending elegance into the material’s advanced technology.

Stretch barrisol birror

Barrisol Unique design: customise

Barrisol Mirror® canvass is extremely lightweight (300 g per m², or 1.2 kg per m² including the frame) and was specifically designed to be mounted to aluminium frames available in rectangular, round, triangular or square shapes.

Whether using hints of mirrors to provide luminosity or large proliferating frames to expand the space, Barrisol Mirror® canvas is perfectly suited to any kind of world and will enhance all existing interior decoration. Barrisol Mirror® canvass is an objet d’art that can unleash one’s imagination, ranging from the most classic ideas to the boldest design.


Quality and safety: show respect

Barrisol® believes that safety and quality are priority, in full compliance with current industrial standards and legislation. In keeping with the entire range of Barrisol® canvass, Barrisol Mirror® canvass is 100% compliant with CE standards and is manufactured using phthalate-free plasticisers guaranteed to be free of cadmium, mercury and arsenic.

Barrisol canvass is classified for fire protection according to all European and international standards in effect (BS2-D0). All fire tests and smoke tests have confirmed that it meets all demands both for public and private premises. Walls and ceilings stretched with Barrisol® are labelled A+ (the highest mark), in compliance with current legislation regarding indoor air quality.


Technical information:

Name: Barrisol Mirror® stretched canvass

Comes in Gold or Silver version

Sale price seen: starts at €220.00 per m², laid

Launch date: 2013

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