Welch Services Group has unparalleled expertise in designing and installing security cameras and CCTV systems. From simple home security cameras for small shops and businesses, to large complex projects such as urban traffic management systems, we have a solution for every use.

Each CCTV system is tailored to perfectly meet your requirements. Using the latest technology, such as automatic number plate recognition and high definition, our security cameras and CCTV systems offer industry-leading protection.

We also monitor our commercial CCTV systems around the clock. When images are sent from your security camera to our Alarm Monitoring Centres, operators analyse these before taking the appropriate action.


CCTV The Benefits

Intruder alarms provide a level of protection which is ideal for many people, but for others it’s CCTV that offers them the security they’re looking for. With a CCTV security system, it’s like having a person watching over your property every minute of the day.

The mere sight of a surveillance camera acts as a visual deterrent that’s proven to make intruders, burglars and vandals think twice about approaching your property.

Home security cameras mean that threats to your home or your loved ones are always in view. From seeing who’s at your front door to spotting possible intruders in alleys or bushes, a home surveillance camera offers a complete view of your property.


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