Monitored Security Systems Cheshire

At Welch’s we are committed to providing our customers with the best products on the markets. Products that not only meet regulatory standards but also our own, and our customers, in terms of excellence.

With a Welch Services Group alarm you can be at ease knowing that we use the very best for our monitoring. To achieve this we use several types of monitoring devices, both of which meet our high standards, to make sure that we can offer variety as well as excellence.

monitored security systems cheshire

BT Redcare is a market leader in the field of monitoring with over 25 years of experience in monitored communication devices. They have tried and tested products that have been perfected over time and are recommended by most insurance companies for monitored security systems cheshire. BT Redcare also provide Roaming Sims as standard on their Redcare Secure Range of monitoring devices as standard.


CSL Dualcom is on of the UK market leading suppliers of machine to machine communication technology, a pioneer in the wireless and dual path signalling industry. Their products are world class and it is for this reason that we use them in our security installations.


Redcare GSM is BT Redcares flagship product and is very often stipulated by insurers. As a grade 4 signalling system you know you have the very best monitored security system by one of the market leaders in the industry of alarm signalling equipment.



Improving on the standard Digital Communicator CSL Dualcom have developed the Digi Air. This has the simplicity and long standing reputation that Digital Communicators can offer but does it all wirelessly via a WorldSim capapble of using any mobile network it can find, ideal for a basic monitored security system.