Time Attendance

Having a door access system that can also be used for time attendance is becoming increasingly more common. Time attendance systems offer excellent features to aid your business in accurately keeping track of employees hours. This helps reducing time spent by your team working out hours for staff wages. A time attendance system from us can also use biometrics for clocking in and out should you wish for that extra bit of security to your time attendance software.


A Paxton door access control system with Time attendance offers many advantages over traditional systems:

  • Personnel have 1 card or fob for both time attendance and access to the building.
  • All personnel information can be managed from the same software
  • Hours worked can be exported to most payroll package software
  • Booking holidays and holiday adjustments can be made in the software
  • Overtime rates can be made in the software
  • Easy to see who is in the building at a given time.