Having an automatic door opener fitted in your home or business can make access much easier for visitors.

Almost any type of door can be converted to open automatically. Subject to your existing door being in good condition, it is possible to retro-fit automatic door opening equipment to your door. Automatic door openers can be fitted to all types of door: sliding doors (patio doors, internal pocket doors, glass sliding doors) or swing doors (hinged front doors or hinged back doors).

They can be connected to building management systems which is useful as the door can not only be released remotely but also physically opened. In this way they can be programmed to do this when there is a fire alarm or at a certain time of day subject to the building management software.

Everyone can benefit from door automation as it makes building entrances more efficient especially in areas were people often have there hands full. People who benefit most are parents with small children, busy restaurants, shop doorways, the elderly and care homes. Wheelchair users can find opening doors especially awkward, so having an automated entrance system is an ideal solution. Automatic door systems must comply with the current DDA legislation and this is something we take into account on every system design.

Dorma Manchester

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