Biometric Door Entry

In today’s modern technological world we are always looking for ways to increase the security on our access control installations. One of the best ways to achieve this is with the use of Biometric Readers. Biometric readers have been around for a while and have gotten much more reliable in recent times.

biometric cheshire 1

These readers will use an individual’s unique biometric signature, whether it be fingerprint, handprint, or facial and iris recognition to access the system. The system can then react in many different ways according to whether it recognises the individual biometric signature. This could be opening a door or signing a person into the building for the purposes of a fire roll call or for time/attendance purposes.

Biometric offers a huge security advantage over standard readers and are becoming more common place in Access Control designs and installations. At Welch Services Group we can offer a comprehensive biometric solution for those customers who desire that extra bit of security in their buildings.

Why Install Biometric Access Control System

  • Efficiency of the System
  • Replication of Biometrics is practically impossible
  • Restricting unofficial individuals to get into controlled areas
  • No need to use other methods like ID cards and fobs which can be lost reducing future costs.
  • Easy and accurate information on who and when access was given